The Multiple Listing System Portal (MLS portal) is a great tool that we offer to clients. You can take advantage of my saved property searches, (at your leisure) and get a feel for what is currently for sale or under contract. This can help you as a prospective buyer to get a better understanding of what you may be interested in looking at.

We are always available to help you search out property. I’m not trying to make you do all the work, just offering you more choices!

Contact Betty Cline, 601.260.1490, Calen Cline, 601.953.8245, or Mitzi Cline, 601.421.8091 at Cline Realty, LLC today, for any of your real estate needs. Let’s talk!

Create A Real Estate Portal
With a portal you are able to:
  1. Save your searches
  2. Get updates on listings
  3. Track listings
  4. Add notes and messages
  5. Personalize your dashboard